With its particular formulation, Ulivìs was conceived to make you feel SO MUCH BETTER.                                    

Ulivìs is certified ORGANIC and contains 94% of the aqueous extract of Olive Leaves (Olea Europea), combined with extracts of Calendula Officinalis, Aloe Vera and Birch, which enhance its effects.

The extraction method is natural, in an acqueous solution, in full respect of the plant and the safeguarding of its important phytocomponents.

Specific features of the product:

Olive Leaf Extract, the essential component of ULIVÍS, has a powerful general purifying action totally free of any side effects. It is alkalizing.

It has an anti-free radical action and lowers cholesterol, sugars and fats in the blood. It has an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal action; it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and has an analgesic and neuroprotective action.

It fights physical and mental fatigue.

It has an antidepressive effect, and gives inner balance and serenity.

It is recognized as having a powerful anti-aging action, specifically intervening on the vital functionality of cells, preventing their degeneration.

It re-mineralizes our bones.

Numerous epidemiological studies have shown a beneficial effect in the prevention of tumors.

This is the title of the link where you can verify the SCIENTIFIC proof of the above. You will also find other important properties. Scientific evidence recognizes the important activities of PREVENTION and CONTRAST provided by olive leaves. I invite you to read them:

LINK: Effects of the Olive-Derived Polyphenol Oleuropein on Human Health

The Olive Tree – The plant of health:Why?

The Olive Tree helps us face and prevent the problems caused by an increasingly polluted environment and, above all, restores and stabilizes our strength, needed to tackle our busy days.

A small daily gesture to defend our most important ASSET, health!

How do you feel?

An indisputable fact is that the acceleration and constant pressure that we carry every day has no precedent in human history.

Our current way of life generates a frenetic rhythm, which causes tension, irritability and great psycho-physical fatigue.

Wha can really help us?

Nature! With its plant par excellence: the Olive Tree.

The Olive Tree has always been present in the history of traditional medicine and herbal medicine, and has been a powerful custodian of health for thousands of years.

Considered a “sacred” tree since ancient times, it is characterized in particular by its longevity and vitality. These two essential aspects are evident in its incredible RESISTANCE against the passing of time and against all ADVERSITY. This is the extraordinary characteristic of the Olive Tree, achieved over thousands of years of specialization. Of a molecule, we not only absorb the substances that compose it, but also and above all the process of forces that distinguish it, namely its character.

Longevity, vitality and well-being are therefore the precious characteristics that we make our own, thanks to the intake of this Olive Leaf Extract.

A powerful remedy that helps us face and overcome the many stress factors in our lives, at the same time ensuring our good mood and our physical and inner strength.

How do you take Ulivìs?

To obtain its full benefits, take a 70 ml measuring cup of Ulivìs, preferably in the morning, a few minutes before breakfast, for 2-3 month cycles. After a pause of 2-3 months it is advisable to repeat the cycle.

Regularity is FUNDAMENTAL; to remind you to take Ulivis daily, it is a good idea to leave the measuring cup in plain sight.

Ulivìs has no contraindications, and does not interfere with drugs.

For children and adolescents the recommended dose is 20 ml per day, also diluted in juices. It is not recommended during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, in the presence of very low blood pressure and while taking anticoagulants.

Once opened, the product should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within a month.