Who we are

My name is Emanuela and I produce Ulivìs, this particular blend of Olive Leaf Extract that HELPS people feel SO MUCH BETTER!
It is combined with extracts of Aloe, Birch and Calendula and is TOTALLY
Its particular formulation was conceived by Dr.Cenzato Remigio, who has
long and profound experience and competence in creating natural products.

How was Ulivìs born?
The Ulivìs company is the result of a true story, in which dedication,
commitment and professionalism are the pillars on which it is based.
Ulivìs is the precious result of my long family tradition, combined with high quality standards of production.
My father devoted his whole life to the cultivation and processing of Olive
Trees, understanding the unique and priceless value of this plant, which has ALWAYS been the sacred tree par excellence, then passing this
knowledge down to me.
This, to me, was the first seed; the second, of no less importance to
deepening and understanding the particular therapeutic potential of the Olive Tree, was given to me by my daughter Anna, who suffers from a severe disability.
This event determined the need for a profound change in perspective and the reorganization of our existence in terms of health, care, and a profound respect for nature and for man.

Strengthened by my Love for my daughter, I resorted to all my resources of capacity and resilience in order to turn a possible obstacle into an opportunity for growth and evolution, so as to improve myself and make myself useful to others. The goal of Ulivìs, in fact, is not to propose it in a consumerist, aseptic and impersonal perspective: the ultimate aim of this courageous initiative is the humanitarian drive to create a Center for young disabled people with an Anthroposophical view (Rudolf Steiner) in relation to disability.

Thank you Anna, Dad, and all my collaborators.

Ulivìs is effective, a powerful natural anti-stress remedy that immediately restores the forces and keeps them stable, ensuring real and increased overall well-being, because … the OLIVE TREE has been an extraordinary guardian of health for thousands of years.

The complete well-being of body and mind are our most important assets to DEFEND EVERY DAY. Nature helps us to do that: a simple measuring cup (70 ml) of Ulivìs in the morning just before breakfast is sufficient.
Thanks to its professionalism and belief in the product, I am honored to entrust the firm Wuenquing with the ABSOLUTE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for the diffusion in China of Ulivìs which, with its great effectiveness, will provide sure wellbeing and satisfaction.

Please read the list of Ulivìs’ particular benefits on the site, thank you.